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Booking an Appointment

Extended Hours:- Tuesday and Thursday 7.15am–8.00am
(Appointment required - Extended Hours is NOT a walk in service)
Routine Surgery times: - Monday to Friday 8.30am—5.30pm

The receptionist is available to deal with your enquiries between 8.00am and 6.00pm on Monday to Friday .

For urgent problems out with these hours, please contact
NHS 24 (Tel 111).

Appointments can be made either in person at the Reception Desk or by calling 01506 836300 (select option 2 from the menu) during practice hours (8am to 6pm).

Our main practice number is 01506 836300 - the special call management facilities allow us to deal with calls to this number more quickly, especially at busy times.

When making an appointment Face to Face or by phone with a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Nurse you will be asked for the following information:

a)      Why are you wanting to see Doctor/Nurse today (the more information you can give the better it is)
b)      How long have you had the problem(s)
c)      A day time telephone number

The Practice has implemented an apointments system whereby most of the time is reserved for appointments made that day.

This makes it much easier for patients to be seen at short notice and helps to reduce appointment wastage by non-attendance.

A small number of appointments are kept available for review appointments at the GPs discretion but whenever possible you are asked to 'phone on the day you wish to be seen.
You have the right to express a preference for a particular doctor or nurse. We will comply with such requests subject to availablity.

Standard appointments are normally for a maximum of 10 minutes. If you feel that you will need more time than this, please ask the receptionist for a longer appointment.

If you have more than one problem to discuss, please tell the doctor this at the start of your appointment so that the most important problem can be dealt with first. If it is not possible to deal with several complex problems during a single consultation you may be asked to make a further appointment(s) to deal with less pressing issues.

We do try to run appointments to time which you will apprciate that we have no way of knowing in advance what problems will be presented during a surgery.  Some problems do require immediate attention and may result in subsequent appointments running late.  Your understanding when this happens is appreciated.

Telephone Appointments - 01506 836300 (option 2)

Do you need to see the Doctor or just talk to them? 

If you think that your problem can be dealt with by phone without Face to Face contact then please ask for a Telephone Consultation Appointment.

You will be given an appropriate time when the Doctor or Nurse will call you back - please ensure you give us an up to date and correct phone number and if this ia a mobile number that your phone is switched on and not on silent.

We will continue to run our 'Extended Hours Surgery' between 7.00 and 8.00am several mornings per week which can be booked in

Did Not Attend (DNA) Policy

We understand that on occasions a patient may forget to attend an appointment they have booked.  We are also aware that there is increasing demand for GP/Nurse/Phlebotomy appointments and repeatedly missed appointments puts further strain on our service.  We wish to deal pro-actively with repeated non-attendance in order to ensure adequate provision for all our patients.

Therefore if you miss more that 3 appointments in a 12 month period without notifying us in advance then we reserve the right to remove you from our Practice List and you will then be required to register at another Practice.

Home Visits

Home Visits are ONLY for housebound and terminally ill patients.

Other patients (including children) must come to the surgery as we have better facilities for examining and treating you there.

If you think you require a home visit pleas request this before 10.30am wherever possible (01506 636300 option 2).  A Doctor may call you to discuss your request.  

When you request a home visit the receptionist will ask you for:

  • patients full name
  • patients home address and address to be visited if different
  • contact telephone number
  • name of patients own GP
  • brief details of illness or reason for home visit

This information is required to help the doctor plan and prioritise the home visits and will be treated in confidence. The doctor may well 'phone back to discuss your call.


Test Results

Please phone the Practice number
01506 836300 (then option 2)

***one week after you have had the tests done ***

You can phone reception on this number and select option 2 appointments and they will ask when you had your tests done if it is less then a week you will be asked to call back.

Reception will take details from you - they will need the following information:

Name, Date of Birth and test results you are looking for and a telephone number  - Results are available between 12.00noon and 2.00pm Monday to Friday


Cancel Your Appointment

Online Please complete the online form below if you need to cancel an appointment. Please let us know as soon as possible, so your appointment can be offered to someone else who may need it.

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Cancel Your Appointment Online

Cancel Your Appointment Online

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