Surgery Opening Times

The surgery is open from 8.00am to 6pm Monday to Friday apart from public holidays.

Reception telephone is manned from 8.00am to 6.00pm

From July 2013 the Practice will close every Wednesday from 12.30-1.30pm for staff training - should you need to contact the surgery during this time please phone 01506 836300 and follow the instructions given.

Note that once every two months Health Centres in West Lothian close on a Wednesday afternoon for staff training. Relevant dates are advertised in the Health Centre.

(see "News" on this Web Site for details of public holidays and other times when the practice will be closed.)

Consulting Times

Consultations with doctors are available from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday by appointment.

Surgeries are held at various times throughout each day enabling patients to make convenient appointments with a doctor.

Dr Jean R Pringle works all day Wed and Fri and a Tue morning
Dr Nicola M Gibson works all day Mon and Thu and a Wed morning   
Dr Gwen Browning works all day Tue and Fri and a Mon and Thu morning
Dr Alexandra Stephen works all day Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu
Dr Deborah Hammond works all day Wed and Thu and Mon morning
Dr Jane Sweeney works all day Mon and Tues and Wed morning
Dr Jessica Gray (Registrar) works all day Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri

(Though a Doctor may be listed above as being here on a specific day - they may not be available for consultation/appointment due to other commitments)

Mon 1 January 2018
Tue 2 January 2018
Fri 30 March 2018
Mon 2 April 2018
Mon 7 May 2018
Mon 17 September 2018
Tue 25 December 2018
Wed 26 December 2018
Tue 1 January 2019
Wed 2 January 2019

Wed 16 May 2018
Wed 5 September 2018
Wed 7 November 2018


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